Ditch The Cover Letter, Focus On Your Resume

Online recruiting technology is killing the cover letter.

Between the bevy of personal information readily available on social media, and hiring technology over the past several years, employers and agencies are finding the old school cover letter less useful.

Instead, they’re using advanced technology powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to scan hundreds, sometimes thousands of user profiles in order to find their ideal candidate.  Such as Splice, the platform has become a online database for our consultants to store their resume and other key factors to their career – none of which includes a cover letter.

No Cover Letter Required

Not only do Splice candidate profiles exclude cover letters, it’s neither required nor necessary.

Gone are the days of making a great first impression by wowing an employer with a well-crafted letter. What’s the best way to get noticed then? Make sure your resume speaks to what client really wants. Candidates tend to focus on filling their resume with the specific skills that make them uniquely qualified to fill a position. This is important of course, but it can be easy to overlook the more general and essential skills employers are asking for.

We looked through millions of active job postings currently on Splice to determine the skills mentioned most often by employers across all industries. These are the top 5 skills you don’t want to overlook when optimizing your resume:

All-time Top 5 Skills In Splice Job Postings
1. Communication Skills
2. Problem-Solving Skills
3. Entrepreneurship
4. Flexibility
5. Interpersonal Skills

Thankfully, most of us have these essential skills. With the cover letter going the way of the dinosaur, it’s more important than ever to include these in your resume and online profiles such as Linkedin, Splice, Git Hub, etc.

Other reasons to ditch the cover letter

Cover letters are skimmed, overlooked,  or remain unread

In today’s modern day recruitment, no hiring manager or recruiter has time to go through every candidate documents. From a number of job application emails, the chances of even opening your mail are low, and the probability of reading your CV is even lower.

It’s poor publicity

Who writes letters anymore? It’s just the poets, lawyers, and probably your Grandma on your birthday. Sending a cover letter in the job application will portray you as old-fashioned, old-school and maybe unemployable.

It’s not that cover letters are inherently bad, but it’s just a waste of time. It’s better to ditch the cover letter and do something else with your time like making your online profile standout, make connections on Linkedin,  market analysis, sign up for networking events, maybe volunteering, online certifications that can advance your career.

There may come up some occasions when a cover letter is required and that is when the organization clearly mentions that you need to submit one. If you find a line “Send your Curriculum Vitae along with a Cover Letter to apply for this job,” by all means, go ahead, start crafting your cover letter explaining your interest in the provided opportunity. Most importantly, bear in mind that a cover letter is useless if it fails to engage the reader. You should always be brief, eloquent and to the point while drafting a cover letter.

Any supporters of cover letter writing out there? Let’s hear from you!