In the journey to success, we often talk ourselves out of what we are capable of doing! This can relate to many areas of life, new career paths, relationships, financial goals, etc.  

Splice sees this today in today’s workforce. We see the change in work environments, challenging the status quo, entrepreneurship expands, the rise of gig economy continues as well as more consulting, and freelancing career paths.

But what we also see some struggle to make the change in their career or move towards becoming a consultant to bring expertise in other lives. They know deep down their potential and self worth but hold back with limiting beliefs.

Guest feature on the Splice blog, Leah Brathwaite, writes a great piece on how your beliefs could be sabotaging your success and how to move forward.


Are Your Beliefs Sabotaging Your Success? 3 Keys to Help You Move Forward!

“You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you believe ” — OPRAH WINFREY.

Read that again…

You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you believe.

As young children, we’re told to ‘make a wish’ when we want something. As adults, we’re told to either grind to get it or to declare our wishes to the Universe/God/Source, and then wait for them to materialize.

The partner.

The job.

The friends.

The overseas adventure.

The house.

The pay rise.

But the thing is this – if we declare that we want something, but don’t actually believe we’re worthy of having it, or that what we desire is even a possibility for us, it won’t happen. Even if we really want it.

Yes, read that again too.

If we declare that we want something, but don’t actually believe we’re worthy of having it, or that what we desire is even a possibility for us, it won’t happen.

Do you ever felt like you come up against the same issues in your life, again and again?

Maybe you say you want a deep meaningful romantic relationship, but keep attracting the same kind of partner?

Maybe you say you want to earn more money, but keep attracting low paying jobs?

Maybe you say you want to take 4 months off work to take an overseas adventure, but never seem to turn it into a reality?

Although this may be hard to hear, I’m here to tell you that these things that you yearn for are not coming into your life because, at your core, you do not believe you are worthy of having them.

You don’t believe a man/woman who is romantic, respectful and driven, would ever go for someone like you, or perhaps that they even exist! (Trust me, they would, and they do!)

You don’t believe you deserve to earn more money.

You don’t believe that taking 4 months off work and travelling is even a possibility.

What you believe about yourself is what you call into your experience. If you don’t believe you’re enough, you’ll keep carrying out the same patterns that prove and reinforce this belief.

If this is something you can relate to, know that you’re not alone. These beliefs are ingrained in us during our childhood, before we’re even able to consciously rationalize whether they’re good for us or not. In time, they become the patterns that run our lives.

The good news, is that our beliefs can change and we can have all that we desire as a result!

Let me share 3 steps to help you move forward.

The first step is to become aware. Awareness helps you recognize when you’re not receiving what you truly want. Think about your own life – what are you continually wanting and asking for, but can’t seem to get?

The next step is to reflect. Self reflection is key in any healing and growth journey – it allows us to peer ‘inside’, identify our patterns and conditioning, and see what’s holding us back. Self reflection helps us ‘see’ the stories that are playing (often on repeat!) in the background of our minds, and create new pathways to get them synced with the vision we have for our future.

Working with mentors, doing courses and trainings and reading books played a huge role in helping me progress on my journey of self reflection and self growth. If you’re looking for some support, I invite you to join my Live Free Lifestyle™ program. It will challenge you to rise up to your potential and take ownership of your life. It’s designed to light you up and inspire you as you transform your limiting beliefs. You can find our more about Live Free Lifestyle™ here.

Lastly, it’s time to reprogram your mind and get lovingly honest with yourself about what your beliefs are around the thing it is that you want. Do you actually believe you’re worthy of having what it is you desire? What healthier and more nourishing beliefs could you replace your current ones with?

Remember: the number one thing that keeps you from your goals isn’t your ability, or even the size of your goal – It’s your mind.

The key is to recognize when your thinking or actions are moving you away from what you most want and choose to move in a different direction. You have the power to identify your patterns, change your mindset, and make your goals more important than your fears. When your beliefs are grounded in worthiness and greatness, you’ll see the expression for your life that you deeply desire, follow.

Now, I want to hear from you! Let me know if this resonates and what beliefs you’d like to transform in the comments below.

xx Leah


Leah Brathwaite is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, speaker, and soul advisor who believes that when you connect to the truest part of yourself, your soul, and set it free to guide your way, it will lead you to living your best life. Her mission is to inspire and empower women and men to live up to their highest potential. Her website offers her blog, events, and online coaching program.