“Fallen hero, crippled star, and now a Masters champion again” – Time, Ferguson, Doug.

Last weekend, Tiger Woods made one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history. Tiger had gone almost 10 years since he won his last major, 14 years since that green jacket was slipped over his Sunday red shirt.

He was once the greatest player of all time but was seen in the public eye the troubles in his personal life, the suffer in his game, and the loss of respect from fans along the way.  Despite the struggles his is career, Tiger brought a comeback that brought memories into reality.

We can all learn a thing or two from Tiger Woods’ comeback at the Masters. We may not all reach his level of success, but applying these techniques in all you do can only help you reach your goals.


Tiger Woods had an incredible determination to keep going and did not give up. In his time, he’s won 80 championships in total but in recent years, he hasn’t been at the top of his game but he kept going to get back to where he wanted to be. He stuck to his process and never gave up believing that he could compete again, maybe win another Masters, despite what most people in the golf industry were saying.



Nike released a special celebratory video to honour their player. The video highlights Tiger Woods Journey.  The persistence from the start. Get the tissues ready…


People who always seem to succeed in life have one thing in common. In short, a single-minded focus on your goal, where you hone in on what you want and discard the rest, is a must-have for anyone, no matter your dream. Success is found in defining and detailing exactly what your goal is, that thing that makes you dream about, wake up for and last thought before bed. With this goal in mind, you extract yourself from all distractions and do that task/or action until it’s finally done. Tiger Woods certainly did.


The comeback has been a gradual process. During his recovery he would have learned the importance of patience off the course, which would have helped him on the course too. Everyone should learn the importance of being  patient and how to stay in the moment and let time pass (not try to rush it). On the course, all you can do is your best at each individual shot in that moment and let the future take care of itself.


The ability to keep fighting and embrace the challenge is what all great athletes, entrepreneurs and overall successful people have.

Tiger said after the final round: “It was a grind out there, but I loved every bit of it. The fight and the grind and the tough conditions and I just had to suck it up and hit shots, and I loved every bit of it.”


Tiger Woods had incredible self belief. Giving up on himself would have been easy, when others were giving up on him too. However, he remained confident and believed he could win. Learning to believe in yourself is key to a successful career.


We’ve all experienced a lows or difficult periods when we’ve struggled, but if we look at it, we can learn a lot from those times and how we ended up there. With struggle and adversity we have an opportunity to grow as a player (and a person)

“I’ve gone through a lot this year to get myself to this point, and understanding and fighting my way through it. I’m certainly much more equipped because of what I’ve gone through.” – Tiger Woods

So, take inspiration from Tiger Woods and learn from his incredible comeback- be determined, be persistent and always believe in yourself and you will achieve success.





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