So, you’re off on your own, launched your consultant business and you’re looking to reach and engage more with your network, clients, and agencies. It’s a busy marketplace out there! Marketing can be tricky business at times, especially if you’re not really sure what you’re doing.

But fear not! There are still many effective and affordable ways to help your consultant business stand out from the pack and attract more of your ideal network and clients.

Here are five easy marketing hacks.


Canva is a great tool anybody can use to facilitate smaller design jobs. This free, online design platform provides thousands of creative templates from newsletters and posters to cover photos and website banners. This is great for SM posts, profile images, internal communications and much more. I suggest if you are looking to create a cover photo for LinkedIn or Facebook, or maybe add your consulting logo to a template, this could be a great option to try!

What else can Canva do? Find out more


Enter Splice, a 100% free marketplace software that facilitates profile and contract management, automation, organization, tracking, and growth all in the one awesome platform. Every aspect of an agency and client relationship displays in one simple network for easy access and navigation, from tracking communications and target rates to availability for work and viewing opportunities.

Find out more about Splice here


Everyone wants to achieve great marketing results with minimal input/effort which is what makes Mailchimp’s automation features are great. Regardless of marketing goals, this campaign building software creates a platform to design and distribute tailored email messages with ease. The whole idea is to enable swift, consistent contact with the people who matter to you. If you are looking to reach a larger audience or clientele with a campaign of your business services, check out all the features MailChimp has to offer.


Yes, you knew LinkedIn would be on here as a place to market your consultant business. But did you know LinkedIn has recently released a new and exciting marketing/advertising platform that allows targeting through data collection? This is called matched audiences.  The exciting thing about matched audiences is that ad are displayed in a business setting rather than all the fluffy stuff like gossip stories and fashion ads so b2b advertising will be largely more successful. In aid of this, Matched Audiences have encompassed 3 main targeting methods: retargeting previous website visitors (website retargeting), targeting through email addresses and contact lists (contact targeting), and targeting based on the companies/networks they are a part of (account targeting). To find out more about Matched Audiences, follow this link

Matched Audiences [PDF]


Great content marketing can have many fantastic benefits to your business, from heightened visibility in search engines, online profiles to directing more traffic and increasing engagement.  More than this, it is so cheap and easy to do! As only a small percentage of content needs to be original, it’s as simple as grabbing 4 or 5 blogs about a topic that relates to your business or its clients. Reposting blogs or content relevant to your business will also help build your network and bring more credibility to your knowledge. Clients are seeing that you are up to date with the market trends and consistently expanding your knowledge.


Another super simple but often neglected tactic to creating better marketing is to ask for a referral or feedback from your network, recruiters or clients.  Reviews and feedback can be added to your LinkedIn profile what shows free marketing from past employees and managers.  Don’t be shy to ask. People love to help and share your expertise if you are a good consultant.  If you are looking for an automated way to gather feedback and review data, you can use Survey Monkey platform. It is an online survey that provides a free, customizable survey.  Create a list of those in your network that you are seeking information from and send the survey and let the magic happen.

What are other easy ways to market your consulting business? Feel free to comment below and tell us what you think.