Splice Welcomes you to 2019!

From everybody at Splice, we wish you a happy new year! We hope that 2019 will be the year that either your hiring or career ambitions come true.

2019 will be a big year for hiring. With the growth of Splice and new features of the platform, we might see some big changes coming. We vision our platform, splice network, digital marketing, meetups, social recruitment, and other valuable content will continue to keep growing in importance.

Are you curious to know some recruitment forecasts for 2019?

First of all, Splice is hosting an open meet up with the top recruiters in Ottawa. The panel will touch upon what they see on the rise in recruitment, disruptions in different industries and other innovations that are helping transform HR into a more agile space.

View and RSVP to the event here!

In relation to the topic, “Innovation”, Here are a few innovative trends that we see.


Engaging all candidates – Leading companies are aligning their talent acquisition and wider human capital strategies. There is a gap between external sourcing and internal career progression and it will be the focus of many C-level HR executives in 2019. Diversity and bias are the two topics that we will hear a lot more about next year, as well as employee wellness. 2019 will represent another step towards truly focusing on people and enabling them to be the best version of themselves (and in turn, enabling companies to be the same)

Technology and Data

Insights into data and technology as an enabler will advance all areas of HR. We will see a growing number of practical applications of AI, automation and intelligence solutions. This is a maturing market with a number of market leaders emerging.

Advanced Software Platforms

As technology evolves, companies are moving their talent search methods from a traditional to a more modern and unconventional one. Talent teams recognize the need to modify and upgrade their current processes. This helps recruiters to be more systematic about how they spend their time interacting with candidates. Automation of recruiting processes has been around for a while, but now it will go beyond traditional HR systems and Applicant Tracking Systems. It will be moving towards integrating both ATS and social services under one platform for hiring managers to simplify the process of searching and hiring talents. We are also seeing more companies using platforms and services that combine ATS and CRM systems allowing for better visibility of the market and content to improve client and consultant branding (i.e Splice).

Learning and Development

Skills mapping and gap analysis is something we are hearing more and more about: from academic institutions to multinationals and governments. Data insights will inform learning gaps and paths at an individual level as well as a macroeconomic level. This is a very interesting area, it includes skill quantification and transferable skill mapping.

Employee Referrals

Employee referral programs are definitely one of the most productive ways of hiring talent and filling open positions. This tactic is cost effective and enables companies to hire in the shortest amount of time.

Flexible Work Options (Independent Consulting)

Enabled by technology, it’s driven both by demand from the workers for greater flexibility, autonomy, and ownership & from employers who want a more scalable method of resourcing. The result is the rise of ‘non-traditional’ working patterns and enforcing the agile workforce.

Employee Branding Using Social Media

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook are channels people spend a lot of their time. We are seeing companies spending a lot of time here as well. They are hiring Social Media Specialists or Digital Marketing Specialists to help strengthen the presences of employer branding. This is also important because it helps your clients and customers know your personality, tone, and voice, mission, values, and experience.

What do you think? Will 2019 hiring trends change the game? Follow along on the Splice blog to see what is the most talked about in 2018.