This International Women’s Day, Splice is celebrating the women of IT Business. This is a day where we honour and celebrate the women who continue to push boundaries across the fields of technology, design and innovation.

Take Margaret Hamilton, who wrote the code for Apollo 11’s on-board flight software. Without the courage and dedication of female pioneers, we may not have ever made it to the moon. We applaud the women who continue to combat gender norms and create their own stories of success and excellence.

What better way to celebrate this International Women’s Day than to recognize Splice’s own Product Manager/ScrumMaster, Nicole Del Monte; and Designer, Rebecca Wright.

It is no surprise that Nicole Del Monte can inspire a team like no other. Her passion and enthusiasm for technology is undeniable. Sometimes she gets so excited, we’re afraid she’ll hurt herself. A self-motivated, natural born leader, Nicole inspires our team to bring our best foot forward. When this Jane-of-all-trades is not contributing to strategy, process, product, training and testing (this woman is a powerhouse); she can be found studying the ins and outs of development and design.

Rebecca is a young professional who attributes her success to her open and honest nature. She is unafraid to challenge the status quo and speak her mind. Her work is technically sound, always on time and adheres to our product’s necessary elements, all while maintaining a creative flair. Since her first day here at Splice, Rebecca has taken the bull by the horns. When she is not listening to Pirate metal or shuffling around the office in her Yoda slippers, she can be found here on dribble:

From all of us here at @Splice… thank you Nicole and Bekka!